Tower climb of St. Peter’s church

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The Church is one of the oldest and most valuable buildings of the Gothic style of medieval monumental architecture in the Baltic States.

The Tower of St. Peter’s Church is the highest point of the city. From here you have a breathtaking view on the panorama of the city – on the medieval and modern Riga, the Daugava River with the wide port and the Riga Bay.

The St.  Peter’s church was built in 1209, only the outer walls of the side aisles of the present building are from the 13.Jahrhundert and some pillars inside the preserved. Inside the 3-naved Basilica, one can learn about the history of the building, with seven arms bronze visit several original elements of the Interior such as tombs, restored epitaphs of stone and wood, and a huge, manufactured in the year 1596, candle holder.